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Corwall Lager, one of our beers
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Rurban Brewing

412 Cumberland St
Cornwall Ontario
M-Th 12-5 F 11-6
Sa 11-5 Su Closed

Current Events

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An Opposite-of-Retirement Retirement Project

Rurban (i.e., Rural + Urban) Brewing, proudly located in Cornwall, Ontario, Canada, is the retirement project of a husband and wife with a long history in brewing. Along the way, they've been lucky enough to find some awesome employees, fantastic customers, supportive community, and friends that help them make the world a better and more inclusive place through beer.

Unfiltered + Unpasteurized

Beer, like artisanal bread, charcuterie, or cheese, is meant to be living --- not subjected to unlisted chemicals or hazardous materials. If our beer says "keep cold, drink fresh," treat it as you would any other artisanally fermented product. If it doesn't, go ahead and cellar it if you wish.

Small By Design

We're not looking to build an empire here --- we are local to Cornwall, Stormont, Dundas, Glengarry, and Akwesasne. We have a retail shop, where we offer cans, growlers, locally-made products, and other merchandise.

And the Beer?

Over 20 years of brewing experience and training, and a deep science and art background make for some fine and unique creations. But don't take our word for it --- stop in the shop and try what's available for yourself. We'll be happy to let you know about other Cornwall and area gems while you're here.

Keeping it Honest

Unlike many operations, we don't send freebies to influencers, beer writers, or the like in return for endorsement. We don't do illegal perks for our accounts. We don't respond well to requests for free product predicated on "exposure," growth, or any other BS. We promote a culture of inclusion, honesty, and acceptance, not denigration, objectification, sexism, or elitism. We sell great beer at a reasonable price, not a lifestyle. We have always made our creations on-site. We have never had another brewery pretend to be us, and we never will.

Be wary of any entity that does otherwise.

Contact Us

We encourage you to stop by the shop. We have strict email filters, but you can try rurbanbrewing at gmail.


Cornwall Lager, in downtown Cornwall

Photo: Cornwall Lager in Downtown Cornwall

Credit: Jeremy Baxter Video and Photography

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